Established Organically in 1994

Victorias first commercial wine growing family in

the 1850s


We produce small parcels of minimally irrigated fruit from our 6 acre vineyard, to bring to you some very special wines. These wines have been crafted in as pure and natural away as possible. With slow ripening we are able to enhance the natural fruit flavours and soft tannins, making real wine from real fruit with age old wine making practices.

You can purchase our wines directly from our web site or by the bottle at the local Foodworks Supermarket in Yea, and other shops around Melbourne, such as Ritchies IGA in Yarra Glen and Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula, so keep your eyes open. You can also ask your local retailer to get some in, or order some from us directly by going to the order page.

A passing thought

I believe that there is no actual practice to growing grapes, more to the fact, it is a philosophy in viticulture, passed down from generation to generation whilst all the time being developed and enhanced by the new minds of the current generation. How can anyone say that this method or practice works in all situations? Look back and you may see the future !

We prefer to allow our wines to settle in the barrels, racking at least twice during the ageing process, minimal sulphur is used throughout our wine making process. Once bottled, and prior to being released, the wine spends further time resting in the cellar.

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